The British Faery: New Years Eve

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Years Eve

Happy New Year everybody! 
I hope you all had a good evening welcoming the new year in. This year, I didn't go out I stayed in with a friend, sat in the garden and lit a big fire. 
It was the perfect evening to say goodbye to a wonderful year, and to look forward to whateve 2012 may hold for me. My friend and I wrote our wishes for 2012 on a sheet, and put it into the fire at the stroke of midnight. 
 We managed to keep the fire going all night, it was so beautiful, not to mention captivating. The flames even went green for a few minutes! Alas, the camera could not capture the colour, so it will have to be a memory I remember, rather then capture... 

I didn't really have any wants for the new year, so I just asked for happiness and adventures. What more could I ever need anyway?

Have a great 2012! 


  1. The fire looks so warm and cosy!

  2. "Not all who wander are lost" - did you know, spiritdaughter, that is my favorite quote?
    I spent New Year's night by a fire also, mine was in the fireplace, inside, just Jeff and I. I finally burned the gratitudes and wishes from the Harvest tree. They'd been misplaced for a bit and it seemed the perfect timing with the new moon and the changing year to fling them out into the universe.

  3. Where did you get the cute new font?

  4. It seems it is a shared favourite =) I couldnt decide between that one or the one from Alice In Wonderland - If you dont know where you are going, it doesnt matter which road you take.
    I wish we had a real fireplace indoors, though we were perfectly warm outside! I thought wwe may need sleeping bags, but no!
    Yes, new years eve does seem like a perfect time! xxx
    The font is one of the ones available by going into the design- template designer tab, and choosing a font from the advanced tab.
    There are lots of neat ones there!


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