The British Faery: Fara - Lai

Friday, 10 February 2012

Fara - Lai

Fara - Lai

Fara-Lai is one of the Wild Ones, living in the thickest parts of the wood away from the other Sprytes who form communties, or settlements. 
She is spotted mainly upon the backs of birds, (Usually ones of prey) and helps them spot small rodents. (Her eyesight is second to none).
She loves the chase, the wind through her wild mane of hair, and the thrill in achievement. She has many friends, they are all mainly Wild Ones, but she has been seen teaching Settler Sprytes how to hunt. 
Fara-Lai is like most Wild Ones in temperament, fiery, loyal, and with a penchant for causing trouble. 
She most likes upsetting the quiet lives of those around her, stealing the Squirrels nut hoard, and watching the drama it causes! She gives them back of course, (Well.. most of them!)

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