The British Faery: Making a Movie!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Making a Movie!

The Sprytes have been little film stars today, while two Fae children filmed them in a little movie. 

Nettle Moonbeam greets you in her Ice Caves, and jumps upon Dragofyre's back to take you to Albion, where she wants to introduce you to her friends...

When she arrives, little Fara-Lai is being told of by the King! Oh Dear, I wonder what she got up to this time! 

The King's Court

Nettle Moon Beams gets to taste some of Aranions new Leaf Juice. She likes it! 

Queen Amariel is singing in the Garden... 
 And DragoFrye is, well, making Fire! 

And playing too, of course !

Have fun! 

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