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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Faery Photoshoot!

 Here are some shots of me and the Sprytes from a photo shoot a few weeks back, we had tea parties, tree climbing and dancing! What more could you want from a faerie filled day!?
I had lots of fun doing the shoot, even the morning one, at 5am! =O

Dawn Shoot:
I enjoyed this shoot, the setting was so beautiful! I was really cold, and sleepy though, and I think sometimes it shows! I need a warmer costume next time! ;)

High Noon Tea Party:
This is my favourite shoot, I had contacts in, which were painful, but definatley worth it! They added so much!

Dusk; Pirates and night Fae!
This was the trickiest shoot, the light was not what we had hoped for, and we didnt get a sunset really! It just went from light to dark, very quiskly! haha =) I think we managed to get some great shots though. Unfortunatley, the camera broke halfway through! :(

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