The British Faery: KahRoo the Explorer

Monday, 19 March 2012

KahRoo the Explorer

Kah Roo is an explorer and adventurer! He loves nothing more than grabbing his backpack and setting off to adventures unknown!

 He has explored most of the Wylde Wood, and now creeps carfeully around the Human Realm. Have you ever seen him?
 His eyes shine and glitter in the light, and you may have once mistaken them for cat eyes..... KahRoo is not fond of cats though, they like to chase him! Oh dear! Luckily, he is far to fast for them, Sprytes are very light on their feet you know!
 KahRoo is slightly shy, but once you get to know him, you will become fast friends. He is clever and knowledable, but cheeky and willful, making every minute a joy. 
 He loves to climb trees, and is extraordinarily good, too. He likes to sleep up in the trees, he said he thinks its safer up there at night, (He is probably right) There is all sorts of strange creatures in the Wylde Wood at night....

Sometimes he can be very hard to spot!!

He LOVES a picnic, so if you can't find him anywhere, set up a picnic and he'll soon apear! 

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