The British Faery: Dilly, The Spring Spryte!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dilly, The Spring Spryte!

Dilly is a silly, happy little Spryte with a sunny disposition. He is the bringer of Spring, his warmth coaxes the plants back to life, and the animals out of their winter hibernation. He loves his little yellow jacket, and the flowers that creep and grow on him. Who said flowers are for girls? Not Dilly, that’s for sure! His favourite are daffodils, he says that nothing beats that golden-yellow glow, and the promise they bring that Spring has come.

The bumble bees are his most special friends, and when he was a young Sprytling, they taught him the Bumble-Buzz Language. He uses it to tell the Bees where the most delicious pollen is! You can often hear Dilly singing in Bumble-Buzz, he tells me its most definatley the best language for singing!
I wish I could sing in Bumble-Buzz, Don’t you?

So, if you ever see an extra special bunch of daffys, or you can hear a Bee buzzing peculiarly loud, have a look out for Dilly!

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  1. love him he takes the sun with him :D xxx tamiya


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