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Sunday, 4 March 2012

I've got faery wear on the brain right now! Spent a good while daydreaming through Etsy, want to see what I found?

Imp and Pixie
 I love this Hoodie, it looks so warm and soft.. it alse has hole so I can wear faery wings underneath... perfect!
Ragged Edged Leather
 How amazing is this corset??
Elven Forset:
 I love this entire outfit, and everything they sell, too! !
Pan Gaia Creations Seriously, how beautiful is this skirt!?
Elevn Forest: I Seriously love this leather jacket!
Elven Forest again!
Told you I love everything they do ;)

I love Zizzy Fay, they are probably my favourite Fae clothing supplier. I could probably do an entire based on just ZizzyFay. Here is a link to there website, as it has a lot more items and pictures ;)
TPF faeriewear

Fractal Wings:

Hope you enjoyed wandering the fae with me! 

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