The British Faery: Aranion goes to Wales!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Aranion goes to Wales!

 Aranion went on a wild adventure to Wales! He took the British Faery with him, and they set off Monday morning. 
They arrived in Brecon mid-afternoon, and tired after their long journey, stopped in a local food for some grub, and some local Cider! 
Aranion liked it very much, though this was a little much, even for a king ;)


Feeling refreshed, they went a-wandering. Aranion found a nice little nook, and thought that it was a perfect throne. 'I would like one of these back in our part of the wood please!' He told The British Faery.
Hmmm, We'll have to see about that....!
 Before long, they came across a waterfall. Both the British Faery and Aranion wished they could magic this back! They sat and enjoyed the view. The British Faery went to explore a little further up it, (Aranion stood guard) Who knows what sort of Troll could of been under the bridge??

'Now THIS is a Throne fit for a King!' Aranion exclaims as he settles him self down. The British faery disagrees however...!! Would be a nice place to hold a party though, Aranion! 
 Having a break at the Cathedral, Aranion looks out over the Human Realm. 'Funny places you Humans live, British Faery!' Aranion observes. What funny shapes! 'I much prefer my own realm' He decides. Me too, Aranion, Me too.
 'Now,,, look at this! The arch way is a little big for me, but I cannot deny its grand-ness. You could live here!'
 Taking another break, to watch the river, Aranion is sure that there are some River Sprytes in there, but he doesn't fancy going in to find them.... (I think its a bit cold for him!) 
 'Yes, I definatley like Wales. We should come back!' Aranion sits and chats with the trees and flowers. They have wonderful stories to tell!

 The River is a very talented Musician, British Faery. Just listen to what she sings...
 'I'm telling you, someone definatley lives in there!' I shant think they want disturbing though, so let just go past quietly.... I asked Aranion if he was afraid of who may be living in there, but he rightly informed me that he is the King, and Kings are not afraid of anything.... ;)
 Aaah.... time for dinner.Nothing better than warming up after a dip in the river. Some tea, I think!
Aranion had a lovely, (albeit wet) time in Wales. It was very hard convincing him to come home!!

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