The British Faery: Nara

Friday, 6 April 2012


Nara, which means 'Happiness' is a Villager with a passion for flowers! She grows thousands of flowers in her garden, and sells them in the Village. She makes floral teas, dried Flower artwork, posies and much more! She knows everything there is to know about Flowers, their Latin Names, what they need to grow and thrive, and which ones look best together!

Nara also has a special talent, Not only can she guess your favourite flower, but she can also make your heart leap with the gift of a beautiful posie. In it you will find your most favourite flowers, and flowers you never knew you liked, but definatley do now!
You can always spot Nara in the village, flowers woven into her hair and clothes. She of course, will have a basket full of the most glorious looking flowers, and the scent? Heavenly! Nara goes to the village with the intention of selling her flowers, but most always ends up giving them away! The smiles on Sprytes faces when suprised with a flower is worth more to Nara than any coin.

Many believe Nara is the daughter of a Flower Child and a Villager, for how could she have such an amazing knowledge of flowers, without having the ancestry of the Flower Children?

A small flower bracelet

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