The British Faery: O'Khea

Saturday, 31 March 2012


O'Khea is a Wylde One, who lives in the meadows and fields. 
 She was born on a farm, and for the first few years of her life, was cared for by the horses in the stable. The Horses were at first a little perplexed to find a little Spryte cuddled up with their foals, but the foals seemed so enamoured with her, they allowed her to stay, and before long, they loved her too.

 Now, she spends her days spinning and twirling in the Wylde Flowers, her heart full of Joy. More than anything though, O'Khea loves riding the horses, nestled up in their manes as the winds whip her hair!

She is kind hearted and gentle, with a laugh that makes anyone who hears it smile. O'Khea makes the horses roll with laughter, as she jumps around them pulling silly faces and falling over as she somersaults and cartwheels all over the meadow! You can often see the young foals chasing after her as she giggles wildly, bouncing from flower to flower!
O'Khea was over the moon when she found a small scrap of flower fabric in the Farmer's Wife's bin! Just enough to make a little dress, though the horses did think she was a little bit odd, to want to wear clothes all day, a saddle is bad enough!

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