The British Faery: Getting organised, and.... WALES!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Getting organised, and.... WALES!

I've heard many times that being un-organised comes hand in hand with being creative. Apparently, I am a creative wonder, then. 
No matter what I do, I struggle to keep any space tidy. My bedrooom, my craft room, the kitchen... even if I have just sat down in a cafe for a drink, I will already have mess around me. I don't know how I manage to do it, and it bewilders friends too. 
Now though, I have had enough! I can't create because I'm always working around crap. So, over the last few weeks, I have been working my arse off to get my Studio into shape. (Bedroom is next) 

It's taken a long time, a expedition to Ikea, many nails, screws, and conquering the drill. (yay!) 
The room had a little break for a while, as I *thought* I had done enough, but, of course, my expert skill at making a mess won over after a while. 

It is still not efficient as I'd like, but I will get there. This is my main wall, you can see my Ikea fabric storage to the left, (Didn't get as many as I should!) Various hand made peg boards, shelving. The box shelves are now full (Of course) and the white table is covered in sketch books and drawings. 
I re-oraganised the shelves that are under the white table (same as left) and they hold beads, trinkets and findings, scraps, trim, ribbon, leather, felt and wools. 
I'm hoping to get more done today...

I have also been organising my time, as I always have so much to do, and spend 5 mins doing one, then another, and not getting much done of anything! So, now I have a timetable. phew! Starts tomorow. I really hope I manage to keep it up. I'll keep you informed! It now means there will *hopefully* be a blog every sunday on here, and every Wednesday on the Dolls blog. 

It hasnt all been organising and tidying though! I spent near a week adventuring in Wales! 

Till next week....! 

The British Faery 

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