The British Faery: Dragon Spotlight - Week One!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dragon Spotlight - Week One!

I am excited to present my month long Spotlight on Dragons! I will be choosing four of my favourite Dragons or dragon creators that the whole world should hear about, and telling you all about them.

I have always loved Dragons, imagining wild adventures on their backs, drawing those beautiful faces and wings! My decision to start making plush Dragons has taken me on a wild ride looking at all my old dragon books, new illustrators and new Dragon Creators. 

So please sit back, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy!

Made by SummerFuit Sorbet

Look at this little guy! I fell in love with him the first time I saw him, How couldn't you? And those sweet, puppy dog eyes, pleading you to play!

Lucy, the talent behind SummerFruit Sorbet, has only been needle felting for a few months, making this creation all the more spectacular, she reveals that while  playing around with core wool, she started to create what she thought would become a Gecko, yet the longer she worked on him, the more she realised he was actually a Dragon, a young baby dragon, ready to pounce and to play, and that's what inpsired those puppy eyes, Lucy said he looked just like a 'puppy crouching down waiting for you to throw a stick!'
I agree!!

The thing I love most about Norbert though, is his shining, sequinned back. Just look at how it shimmers!
It truly sets him apart from all the other Dragons out there, the envy of the skies !

Lucy estimates there are around 700 sequins sewn on. 700!
 'I dont know where I got the idea for sequins', explains Lucy. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if the fae placed that little idea, for it is truly magical.

Lucy started crafting around a year ago, to add money to her Wedding fund, (Congratulations!) by making sock animals. 'I always loved other crafts', explains Lucy. But it was only after discovering Vermont Family Felted Creations and the Facebook Group they run, she really felt inspired. 'I met some great people in there and watching all the amazing felted creations that people make appearing made me REALLY want to have a try.'

I love this above shot of Norbert. It look as if he is about to take of in flight, or pounce on you!

'I have four artists who inspired me to felt,' Reveals Lusy. 'Jennifer Vincent of Gniffers gnomes, Linda and Jody from vermont felted family creations and the absolutely amazing Kasey from Tanglewood Thicket.'

Goodbye Norbert! Thanyou for coming to visit the Sprytes and I.

Norbet is still looking for his forever home, and costs £35.00 to adopt, why don't you take a trip with him to see Lucy over at SummerFruit Sorbet, and leave some faery magic? (Or take some home?)

Thankyou for reading, and check back next week for the next spotlight! 

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  1. Yay for dragons! What a magnificent feature.

    Btw, thank you so fairy much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog last week. I am happy you did, as I will very much enjoy following yours, too. ^.^


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