The British Faery: Rummaging at the Rag Market!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rummaging at the Rag Market!

 I spent my Weekend at Birmingham Rag Market, which is just behind the World Famous Bull Ring ;)
I have spent many years going to the Rag Market, but this is the first time I have been with an actual purpose! (Other than buying all the wonderful things I see, and having no Idea what to do with them!)
This time, I went as a doll maker, a very excited doll maker, with things to find! Of course, the things to find, were the same as before, anyway. Beautiful things.

 And the most beautiful thing in the world? TRIMS! LACE! RIBBON! A whole stall full... Rudi from Eat Your Heart Out, brought nearly every single one! She really did eat her heart out (Metaphorically, of course ;))

This stall was great, all those little sewing must haves that you never knew you must have! 

And here is my treasure hoard..! Which, almost never made it home... After most of my shopping, Rudi and I were taking a last jaunt around, making sure we had missed nothing. (I had spent over £150, I think we can safely say I didn't miss anything!) When the most terrible, dreadful thing happened. I went down to reach my bag full of treasure, to find it, gone. GONE!
It was one of those moments your heart plummets to your feet, then zooms back up and almost out.
I had no idea how long it had been gone, whether I had left it somewhere, whether it had been taken.

Rudi is used to me loosing things. I am one of the people to which the phrase 'You'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on' really does apply. I loose EVERYTHING.

She took charge and marched me from stall to stall as we asked people if they had seen a bag. It was one of those sack cloth bags, so recognisable, but most frustratingly, most people asked what was in it. FABRIC! We're in a bloody rag market?
The customer help was the exact opposite, and kept referring to us as 'MOPS'.
After 2 hours, I was a mess, and ready to go home. Thankfully, Rudi refused, and we kept on looking.

I was just about to ask another stall, a busy one, when Rudi pointed to a sack-cloth bag, saying, 'Isn't that it?'
I literally shoved people out the way, as my heart did somersaults as I made my way towards it, only for it to sink again as I saw black fabric in it. But waiiit.... yaaay! It WAS my bag, the black fabric had only fallen on it. 
After asking the stall holder, and her confirming someone had handed it in, I thought I was going to explode with happiness. She must of though I was mental. Tears in my eyes I hugged her and said thankyou over and over!! haha!
Loosing a treasure hoard is a terrible thing!
 Oh the beauty!

 Wooden buttons! <3
 Rudi, bery pleased with her finds!

I cannot wait to create with my new stash!

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  1. I am so glad that you found your bag!! It must have been a terrible feeling to find it missing.


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