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Sunday, 1 July 2012

More Secret Dens!

Me and the Faebys tried to build a den last year, but it kept falling down, and was a bit of a disaster!!
But, we have decided that Little Fae is fast becoming a grown up Goblin, and needs a little hide out of his own.
We really did not want this one to fall down, so we got out the big tools!
Needless to say, we were very excited when the following week, our base/skeleton was still upright! Huzzah!
 But now to work! Little Fae was very pleased to find that he was being trusted to use the hammer and nails! We made little shelves to hold some jars, in which he likes to collect crab apples.
We also want to put a little stool in front, so he could perhaps write there too. (He is getting very good now!)

Covered in Ivy, so it is properly disguised!

Yup, Invisble!

Pulling out those Ivy Vines!

A little stool, so he can have a rest.
 We kept finding little snails, slugs and woodlice as we built, Little Fae was very pleased at having so many guests, and would chat to them a little while, before putting them safely to the side!

Some promising shelves !

Little Fae and I are very excited to carry on building, and add a few more shelves, and perhaps a proper table.
We also need to sow some wildflowers just behind this wicker fencing, so he has got a little 'Garden' to look out at!

We are calling it 'The Robin's Nest' as on the first day, a very cocky Robin kept flying down by our feet to watch what we were up to, and keep an eye out for worms too, of course! ;)

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