The British Faery: Frida The Flower Thief...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Frida The Flower Thief...

 Frida is a mischevious little thing, who loves nothing more than to creep into your garden and steal your precious flowers! Not because she serself loves flowers, oh no, (She hates them!) Frida just likes to be a naughty little thing.
She has got very good at creeping silently along garden walls and window sills, so keep an eye out for her!
This may suprise you, but, Frida is actually the perfect Spryte to guard your flowers... She likes to keep her reputation as the 'Most Excellent Flower Thief' and will let no Spryte, Human or animal steal that title! ;)

 Take a quick glimpse, then let em know if you can spot her in the following photos.....

She is rather proud of her hiding skills,and when she is not being a Flower Thief, she enjoys a good game of Hide and Seek.

See you in The Wood again Soon!

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