The British Faery: Wandering through Fields.....

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wandering through Fields.....

Spent the afternoon in the fields, It was so peaceful and tranquil, I was sad to have to turn back home again.
It's not too cold out today, there isn't a harsh wind, and the sun was shining brightly enough to warm my skin.
It reminded me of when I was younger, and I would spend the entire day out there, not really doing anything in particular, building dens, playing make-believe. Not realising how cold or dark it was, or feeling the cuts, bruises and stings.
I truly believe I had the greatest childhood, and Ill to my damn hardest to raise my children out in the country, too.
There is just something about the coldness and crispness of Autumn that makes me nostalgic. 

The sun went down as I strolled, and I got to see some beautiful scenes of it peeping through the trees.

Walked through a few sheep fields! They get very escited when they hear the gate open, and mosey over. They then realise I'm not bringing them any food, and Baaaa at me with disdain.


I of course had Sprytes with me...!

I got bathed in SunBows! 

I love this =D If you look closely at the top, it looks like there are Stars! 

More Sunbows!

Happy Wanderings,

British Faery.

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