The British Faery: Mazes, Butterflies and a Palace!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Mazes, Butterflies and a Palace!

Today was one of those perfect autumnal days, cold, crisp and clear. (Well, for most of it, anyway!) We spent the the morning at a Palace, where we enjoyed mazes, pumpkin treats, Giant's Games, and butterflies. 

Kah'Roo came with us, and though, admittedly, he did sneak away for an adventure of hi own, we found him again at the Information Booth. (Phew!) The Little Wizard had more Chocolate than I could ever of consumed, and had an absolutely marvelous morning.

The butterflies were so beautiful, fluttering around our heads, and resting in every corner. Some were nice enough to stay still for me!  

The Flowers were pretty incredible too.... 

Next, we saw the miniature village, made to look exactly how the surrounding town looked many years ago... The Faeries visit here often, I suspect! 

 These two are my favourites! 

Zoom! Catch me if you can!

The British Faery X

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