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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Horror....

I've missed blogging allot of things I would liked to have put up, just little pictures here and there, and am a little dissapointed with my new Iphone, as I thought it would give me chances to upload while I am out and about, but it seems to have a little trouble! Which is a shame. Anyway, I have forced myself to blog about Halloween, as we threw a big old party for the 2year old and his friends!

We had lots of 'Yucky' Food, Rat Pizza, Worms, Monster Brains, Witches Fingers.... The children were alittle unsure, but once we promised (and demonstrated) it was just food, they gobbled it all up. (Except the worms, no-one would touch those!) Hehe.

We played a few games, but all the children were a little highly strung to want to concentrate, so we let them dance and play in the Spooky Book Tent!

I have had to make most of the photos into Collages, as I don't think this laptop would be able to upload them all indiviually! Hopefull none of the charm is lost, even though the majority (alll...) the photos were taken  either before or after the actual party!! If you want to see them bigger, just click them and they should open up.

Happy Halloween!!!
Our Autumn Offering Alter. It had Roses, a bowl of flowers, pine cones, acorns, and various things we collected in the woods and by the river. 

We made many various 'Witch Curiousity Bottles'  and I wish we had got photos when it was dark and lit up from behind  they looked very eerie! 

I loved these eggs, it was such a suprise when you peeled them open and saw all the colours underneath! 

Food! Witches Fingers, Monster Brains, Worms, Rat Pizza and Jelly Jack O'Lanterns. 

Pumpkins, Of course! Looking a little worse for wear here ;)

The Spooky Book tent. So much fun! We haven't taken it down yet....

How did you celebrate?
The British Faery X


  1. It looks like a great party. I love those dragon eggs.

  2. Thanks! We had ever such allot of fum =) Yes, I loved those eggs too, it was so much fun to open them up and see what they looked like inside!


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