The British Faery: Change, and Letting Go.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Change, and Letting Go.

It's been a long time, bloggers. Or at least, it feels like it has. Lots of things have been going on, and changing in my life, since I returned home from Faerieworlds this year, most of them for the better.
No, that's not right, they are ALL for the better, it is just going to take me a while to accept that they are.
I now have a full time job, as well as two part time jobs, the Sprytes, and somewhere in-between I squeeze in my much needed friends.
The blog will no longer feature the Fae'bys, but will still have adventures of my own, though they will be less often, due to both lack of adventuring, and time to blog adventuring.
I do hope to write more though, about myself and the journey I am on right now. It is very scary, and makes me look at myself in ways I haven't before,  I guess it wouldn't be a worthwhile journey if it didn't.
I hope to write more about this path I have found myself on, but I'm not confident enough to share it just yet, or at least share the things I have found upon my path. I am being made to notice my negative and self- destructive behavior, and the way it has controlled my thoughts and actions for so many years.

Right now, I am working on letting go of the old things in my life I should of let go a long time ago, but they feel so comfortable, so familiar  that in face of all these other changes around me, albeit knowing these changes are for the good, I cannot help feeling that sense of 'normality' by continuing the old.
How do you let go of something, that has been such a massive part of your life, for so long? How can you call it quits, even though you know it causes nothing but pain, and heartache, but yet strangely, inexplicably  makes you smile? Something that is easy to pretend is good, and healthy, but is actually completely rotten.
 Do you do it in one foul sweep, just stop and ignore it till it fades away? Or do you slowly let it go, bit by bit piece by piece?
I feel like I am being torn in two by the choices I need to make. I of course want to decide, want to purge and clean, both metaphorically and literaly, so as to make way for the new, it is just much, much harder then I realised.

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