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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It's never too cold for an adventure...

Though the cold has set in, (the rain,too) I have been adventuring in Cornwall. Bude, to be exact.

It was wonderfully soul lifting to be out in the wild, roaring wind and looking upon the untamed sea, with its jutting rock coastline.

I visited Tintagel, where King Arthur sat at his round table, and soaked in the darkness of Merlin's Cave.
The Castle has nearly all gone now, but it looks fantastically magical that way. A crumbling castle on the edge of a crumling cliffside.
We walked down to the beach below the castle, and at first thought we wouldn't be able to make it, it was quite a tricky descent, and we had a two year old in tow! But we all made it in the end! It was enchanting! A pebble beach cove, with caves all along both sides, and a waterfall straight down the middle running into the sea. I could of stayed there all day, and I cannot wait to go back!

Merlin's Cave

I haven't had many adventures this year, well, ok, in comparison to last year I haven't! So it was nice to go out, even just for a few days. Especially to the ocean.
I love looking out at the ocean, The roar, the endless blue. It's huge, crashing waves, and soothing sounds.
But for me, the thing I love most about the beach, are the rocks. I love rocks. From the large boulders of the earth to the small ones I can take home in my pocket!

Climbing calls to me as something I should be doing, without question or reason. The rocks never look to treacherous or difficult, I don't think the right message goes from the analysing part of my brain to the doing part.
 I will never be able to resist the call of the Rocks !

The following day, we went to a flat, sand beach, to build sandcastles, moats, dams and channels all about the rock pools. Such Fun! I couldn't resist having a *little* adventure though =)

 How amazing is the Surise that greeted us on Sunday? <3 br="br">

Love, The British Faery


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  2. Hello Charles, Thankyou! Its a free theme =)


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