The British Faery: February is Nearly over?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

February is Nearly over?

How did that happen? I swear it was the beginning on Jan just now.
The happiness and joy that had enveloped me previously has gone as quick as it came, and though I should of been expecting and awaiting its departure, I wasn't. So it's left me feeling a little stunned and vulnerable! But as always, life goes on.
There are kits of exciting developments regarding the dolls,
Clothes packs, re branding, a more bulked out and 'graspable' world. As well as perhaps even a store to sell them in!
I've got 6 orders that I'm currently working on, they are good fun, but I'm looking forward to being able to bring some of the Sprytes that are in my head to life. (And of course make some to sell in this shop) I also have a few trades/collaborations up my sleeve, so yes, the Spryte front is exceptionally busy! Which I like. It keeps ME busy. Though I also work 7-7 all week, so technically I'm already busy ;)
I'm enjoying the changing weather, as winter finally gives into spring, I'll admit that it is unwilling to relinquish its grasp, but spring is definately breaking through.
The Little Bear and I are currently building a 5 Foot Dragon, fully equipped with LED lights for eyes ;) we just brought the Mod Roc/plaster of Paris, and will hopefully have him finished soon. I have been taking in progress pics, so will have a separate blog post to show you him. We're just a little stumped on how to do his wings, ideas?
I don't know wether I mentioned that I has moved over Christmas, but I'm settling In I guess, though weekdays I live elsewhere anyway! Made the room into a studio so I could concentrate on sewing all weekend, but this is the first weekend I have actually spent at home! It still needs work, ie, another desk for sewing machine and a chair! But I'm happy with how it looks. Which is a shame as I am having to move again next moth into my week-day home.
I'm becoming an expert house mover now ;) this will be about my 5th move in two years...!
It will mean though, that I can get sewing done in the afternoons when Little Bear is sleeping, and in the evenings.
I quite liked:like having a separate studio space though. But ah well, one day!
-The British Faery.

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