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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pippin & Perry

Pippin & Perry

Pippin and Perry live under Apple Tree Hill, a Hill aptly named for the Apple Tree growing atop it.
They bake, cook, and create great delights in their kitchen, pies and cakes, breads and puddings, which they sell at The Domum Monthly Market.
They are famous for their Apple Recipes though, and all the Clumpers rejoice when summer begins to end, as that means Pippin and Perry will soon be selling Apple Crumble, and Spiced Apple Wine!
Pippin and Perry have lived their whole lives in Apple Tree Hill, and grew up with their parents cooking fruity  delights, so it was ony natural that they continue! Their recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, and are top secret!!
Pippin (left) Perry (right)

Perry cares for the Apple Tree which grows atop their home. She lovingly prunes it, keeps it free from hungry caterpillars, waters it when there isn’t enough rain, and most importantly, sings to it. (That’s the secret in growing great, healthy plants!) In return the Apple Tree bears the most exquisite Apples you will ever taste!
When she is not caring for the tree, she enjoys wandering through Bagley Clump, popping in at friends houses, her best friend is Nara, and they often spend many an hour giggling and singing together.
Perry is very loving, always having time for whoever may need it. She often comes home after a day in the Village in the company of a Spryte or animal who needs some apple medicine... ;)

Pippin is not a day dreamer like Perry, but practical, extremely bright, and creative. She is always thinking of new ideas to improve their apple recipes, and searches all over the Wood for the best ingredients.
Most Clumpers (and Wylde Ones!) know Pippin by name, and will often keep fruits and berries to one side for her, to put in the pies and cakes. The animals will also collect things for Pippin to use, fruits and berries from all over The Spryte World, that Pippin could never get herself!
Pippin's best friend is Briar, and they often spend the day together foraging, or discussing new recipe's over honey tea.

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