The British Faery: 3 Wishes Faery Festival

Sunday, 1 September 2013

3 Wishes Faery Festival

So, yes. The post is rather very late! But there we go... :)

3 Wishes was most definitely an adventure.... We awoke early to bundle into my brothers car, (he's rather kindly agreed to drive Gen and I up there). My youngest brother joined us for the car journey, (He like's being in a car...?) which is a good job, as it took 4 hours or so to get there...! It was so nice to spend some time with my brothers, I rarely see them now I don't live at home, and it's still a novelty that they get along with one another!
We stopped at a super fancy service station for some lunch, (see below!) It was most certainly a restaurant, and not a service station!
After refueling our tummys, we covered the last of out trip. It was beautiful and scenic for about half an hour, till the fog rolled in. It was serious fog. There may as well have been paper plastered to the windscreen. Nevertheless, the drive went slowly for the next hour or so!
Thankfully, we made it safely made it into the 'town' and drove around trying to find the last few supplies we needed. Unfortunately though, we were a little over ambitious in our expectations of the town, and our list of Duck tape, Gas/Petrol, Whiskey, String, and a few bits of food seemed to cause many nervous glances by shopkeepers when we handed it over in the chance they'd have what we needed.
So yes, we ended up going to the site without anything on our list - we had got so stressed by the end of running about - we'd forgotten to get the one thing that *was* available to us - Food. 

Getting the gazebo up is something that even remembering now - months later - makes me shudder and want to weep. So we'll skip over the swearing and rolls of stolen duck tape, branches that were used as support beams, borrowed man power, borrow tarp, borrowed pretty much everything - And just tell you it was a nightmare I never, ever want to repeat.

But we got it up ! - Yay! And the next day we dressed up in our fawn/faun day costumes. Was my favourite costume of the weekend!
We had planned or costumes forgetting it is not as warm here as it is in Oregon... and our costumes got largely swallowed in extra layers and coats!!! 

 We awoke the next morning to find the gazebo had come down, it was cold and wet, our tent had broken too and soaked us and our clothes - and we (luckily) moved some of the dolls to the next door neighbors booth. He was our knight in shining Armour!

The last dat we were pretty exhausted - but we went and got our faces painted and made the effort for the last day, though we were pretty much ready to go home !

The evening was wonderful - great company, lots of laughter, good food, and a supermoon!

The next morning we relaxed in the Earth Hut, muching on a breakfast, and lounging on  a sofa

It had been a long weekend and by the time it came to going home - we were loosing grip on sanity a little!! 

The psychedelic glasses probably didn't help.... ;)

We had beautiful views though. It was a fun, stressful, magic, and fulfilling weekend <3 p="">


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