The British Faery: The Sprytes at 3 Wishes!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Sprytes at 3 Wishes!

In June the Sprytes invaded the 3 Wishes Faery Festival, all eagerly looking for new homes. Most of the Sprytes were debuting at the Festival, and there many new types of Sprytes not yet seen before. We had a great time, despite various rain/wind/gazebo issues which meant we had to move next door in the end! 
I am pleased to say that quite allot of Sprytes found great new homes - With excited adults and children taking home new friends. :) 

These are the new style of Sprytlings, they are mossy and feathered! Will be doing a blogpost to introduce them soon - keep your eyes peeled!






The Guardians








The Clumpers hanging out! 

The gazebo blew down, so our kind neighbor let the Sprytes take over a little of his booth space

While the Sprytes were busy finding new home, Pico was busy getting into trouble....

One of the Sprytes biggest fans! Here he is telling his friends all the Sprytes names and stories.

Little Bae found a great new home indeed!

Felian was invited to play in the 3 Wishes Merch booth, where she found a shoulder on which to perch!

Neriad was also invited into the merch booth, where she found fellow water creatures!

And Akarion found himself a place next to the pretty girl... :)

I also debuted my Spryte Clothes! Blog post to come soon... ;) 

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