The British Faery: A Wedding and The New Forest

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Wedding and The New Forest

A few weeks ago I attended my father's wedding, and relished in the opportunity to laugh, dance and be silly with my brothers, whom I rarely get to spend time with now, especially time spent playing the fool!

 My 'Lil-Big' Brother ( He's younger than me, but clearly not shorter...!!)
 My youngest Brother:)
 The sillyness begins!
We had a great time dancing, and filled the evening with happiness and laughter. It was great to see family I don't see often, Aunts and Uncles, and meeting and getting to know my Dad's wife's family too.

My boyfriend and I stayed in the New Forest for a few a days after the wedding, and I took far too many pictures of Mushrooms and Horses....

 I have never seen so many mushrooms, or such variety. They grew on every surface, on the floor (where you expect them.. ) the blanketed fallen logs and climbed trees. It was incredible! We tried to identify some, but it turned out to be allot harder than we thought it would be... So many of them look similar...!
 Found this incredible bug, his body was a fascinating mixture of electric blue, purple, and black. Almost like the pattern oil makes with water...
I think it's a Dung Beetle...

We were staying in the Master Builders Hotel, In Bucklers Hard. It was built in 1729 by Alexander Morris, and the Tenant of the Shipyard would live there.
It is such a beautiful Hotel, filled with Ship and Sailing paraphernalia, hard wood floors, bright, colourful walls, and a giant open fire in the pub!
 Anyone know what this is..!?

 A view of the boatyard from up a tree :)

I had the most wonderful time, The New Forest was calming, beautiful, enchanting. The hotel's pub was perfect - Old wood, cosy, with a big open fire. Really didn't want to come home!

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