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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Small Pleasures

Life is about the small things, right? What that quote again...

 " Enjoy the small things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things". 
~Robert Brault. 

So that is what I have been doing. Or at least, trying. I started to take part in the #100happydays project, but, it turns out taking a photo everyday of your 'Happy Moment' when you've just got out of surgery and your happiest moment is either a book or the fact you haven't vomited, isn't all that exciting, in fact, its a little depressing. (Who wants to see 100 photos from a bed!?)
That is not to say I *haven't* had any good moments, they've just been few and far between, and I am trying to make up for the 2 weeks spent in bed by hobbling about everywhere (That I can afford too) on crutches.
So this post really, is a little apology (and feeble excuse) to the #100happydays people, for being part of the 70% that don't manage to complete the 100 days.
Here is a few of my 'Happy Moments' over the last month or two... 

A day on the beach with my Papa

Wisting over Wildflower bouquets

Hand feeding Robins

Giggles and a Best Friend

Coffee and cake, with my brother and Papa

Morris Dancing in the sunshine! 
*Finally* having surgery..! 

And then finally being able to read and write, 3 days after having surgery...

Sunshine and Sushi with my Mother 

And then LOTS more YO Sushi, with my Best Friend. 

Life is weird and full of ups and downs. I'm having my share of downs, and so I am doing my best to enjoy and acknowledge the ups. 
I'm so glad to be the other side of my surgery, and able to walk around a bit more. Another few months of physio and things will seem so much brighter! I am just holding onto the fact that next year I will be completely healed, and this entire year will be nothing but a bad memory. Not that it has all been bad, but all the same; I am ready for it not to be my present any more. 

~ The British Faery

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