The British Faery: Minster Lovell Hall

Monday, 14 July 2014

Minster Lovell Hall

A few months ago, I visited Minster Lovell Hall, which isn't too far from my home. I feel like I was robbed of a perfect play area as a child! How did we never know it was right around the corner!?

It was really very beautiful. Of course, the stunning weather helped, though I always think England has a particular moody charm on dark rainy days.

I love ruins. I love walking around and soaking in the history, imagining the people whom walked the floors, lived there, loved there. I enjoy thinking of all the trials and tribulations they had throughout their lives, the joy, the strife, the moments they thought their lives changed forever. Yet, here I am, and they are gone, along with all their life changing moments.

"Minster Lovell Hall was originally home to Richard III's henchman Lord Lovell, one of the richest men in England. Although designed to serve as a symbol of great wealth, following several changes of hands the hall was abandoned - then dismantled and demolished - in the 18th century, leaving only the fascinating remains that stand today"
                                                                                    - Info from The English Heritage Website

 I love being able to see inside the staircase! <3 p="">

 Behind the Ruins, lies a nature reserve! So not only did I get to enjoy Ruins, but the River Windrush, too! 

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