The British Faery: Blenheim Flower Show

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Blenheim Flower Show

I'll admit right now, that I am a little in love with Blenheim Palace.... I go far too often, (Too often!? Psschhh) and each time I still manage to fill my day with new sights.
On this particular day, I had the luck of being there while the Flower Show was on. First though, I visited the butterflies...  

I then had a walk around the maze... In search of this magnificent statue! 

Which was followed by a picnic overlooking the bridge, and the Column Of Victory.

I love this view!! 

Onto the Flower Show!
It was amazing. Going in, I wasn't sure whether I'd be all that impressed by flowers. I was wrong. It was like an explosion of colour. And smell. I had a 4yr old with me (who LOVES flowers) and he ran round and round in circles giggling until he fell over. He then proceeded to run from flower to flower, sniffing each one and exclaiming 'It smells so gooood!'. We had a blast, however many disgruntled looks we got from the middle class attendees. Whether they were unimpressed with my stripy tights and Faery attire, or, Doodles over excited appreciation on the beauty of flowers, I do not know.....  

HUGE Bonsai! 

Ok, so the photo's coming up are, incredible. I attended a Faery dinner party. Yep. Flower faery food! 

Rose Ice Cream

I wanted to have tea here SO much...!!! They had the most beautiful tea sets, with macaroons and scones! 

I would love to have a garden full of flowers, there is just something so uplifting yet calming about being surrounded by their scents and colours. A warm day when the flowers seep that musky summer smell is heaven!

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the summer too,
- The British Faery

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