The British Faery: A few days in July...

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A few days in July...

July is off to a good start! I am managing to fill the days full of friends, fun and pocket sized adventures.

First of all, was Eynsham Carnival. I spent the day hanging out with my youngest brother, and having a few drinks. The evening was spent by having a few more drinks, and watching the sun go down.... 

The next day, the next Carnival; Cowley Road Carnival. Having, a, uh, few more drinks, with friends while enjoying live music and craft stalls. 

It was an exhausting day!! 

 The next few days, I visited Blenheim, (of course!)

Squid rings... Mmmmm

I hope the rest of the Summer continues to be as wonderful!
~The British Faery

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