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Monday, 31 August 2015

Custom Blackboards and a Wardrobe Makeover!

As you may know, we have just moved into a new home; well, house, I should say, we are *creating* a home. The first room we really wanted to get straight was my partner's children, whom we have every other weekend.
The house is rented, and therefore magnolia (the worst shade of magnolia, I may add) empty, and in need of much love! The previous owners had left a basic pine wardrobe in the room which was to be theirs. I figured painting it up would be the quickest way to inject colour and character into the room.

I painted the exterior a lavender purple, it's not too strong, nor too wish-washy, and I am so pleased with it! The inside, I painted a pale mint green. The girls had chose a selection of papers a few days previous, and so I used one to line the back section. It was SO difficult! Obviously using actual wallpaper would of been easier, rather than messing around with wet and soggy wrapping paper!!
It turned out well enough in the end, and, I used different papers to line the bottom of the drawers, the girls each having their 'own' drawers.

Not being content with it, I decided to paint personalized chalkboards on the insides of the wardrobe, each one being inspired by their likes, interests, and their personality.
(They obviously have their names painted in the big black spaces at the top!!)

The bottom of the little one's is a silhouette, which doesn't come across so well in a photo! (I'ts also only halfway through it's second coat.
It's also awaiting a quote along the top: 'And though she be but little, she is fierce' from Shakespeare.
Her sisters says "The Earth has music for those who listen' Also from Shakespeare. 

I moved the clothes rail lower, so they can access their own clothes easier, and we use the top section to store books - "The Secret Story Cupboard"....! It also has a collection of faery accouterments....

Their individual drawers, and the one we use for extra shoes.

I gave the girls sharpies, and let them go to town designing their own door knobs. I was completely blown away by what they came up with! They're fun, vibrant, and complete the wardrobe wonderfully. Most importantly, though, they are starting to feel invested in their new room. It's a place they are making, rather than a room that magically appeared overnight, filled with furniture that neither represents them, nor have any emotional attachment for them.
They have shown various friends and family, their room and the wardrobe,  always proudly announcing "Look at the doorknobs, we made them!" Their faces beaming! 
I found "This is the best wardrobe ever" scribbled on one of the chalkboards a few weeks after, and to me, that is totally worth it. 

Over the next few posts, I'll share with you the other things we have sanded, repainted, and revamped to create an awesome room for them, alongside the projects we've done all over the rest of the house!

- The British Faery.

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