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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Hello again..

It's been a while, and I have been keeping myself busy since I last posted, I left to travel in Germany for 3 months, and when I returned, I moved in with my boyfriend, a massive step, change of dreams and ambitions for me, but one I am glad for doing. Every now and then the oddness of living in a house that is (kind of) my own, with someone I love, washes over me anew, and I smile at the gratefulness I feel. No longer lost, or wandering, True, that I never wanted to live in a 'normal' life, a house, a partner, bills and work and all the routine that comes with it - but you know what? Life is what you make of it, and I can make my life, and our home, as witchy, faery, as handmade abnormally wonderful as I choose too. Living with someone I love, who makes me feel happy, content, and is my very best friend - makes the loss of those other, now laughably unimportant wishes, more than worth it.
So, alongside all the adventures I will still be having, albeit smaller, perhaps! Will still be uploaded here, my travels in Germany will slowly be wrote about, I had the most wonderful, soul enriching and spirit uplifting time.
Mainly however, I will be sharing this new kind of adventure, creating a home that is unique to us, homemade, handmade, a witchy-faery, delight. DIY, projects, treasure hunting.

Finally, perhaps the biggest news of all.........

After a break of almost two years, I am once again sewing Sprytes.
I've been a little nomadic the last few years, and now that I am in a home I love, living a life I love, it seems only natural I should be working a job I love. Yep. Sprytes will be my full time occupation. It's so scary and amazing to say that!
 I am aiming to have my business plan done by the end of July, and BOY, those things are tough! I'm getting through it slowly, and no doubt will share my triumphs and tantrums over it with you.
The Sprytes themselves are getting a little make-over, and I am working hard on making them better and more beautiful than ever. They will have an entirely new pattern, the first draft of which has just been sewn up. Don't worry, they haven't changed to drastically, I'm just finessing a few points, adding details here and there, as well as working on a way to add a little more expression to their faces.

I have so much to tell you about the new adventure, but there would be no fun in me spilling all the beans now!
 I'll will, however, be sharing progress photos of the new patterns, my inspiration photos, the new fabrics and fibers I plan on using, related articles, musings, and a few detailed progress reports now and then.
So, if you'd like to join me in this new journey, please check back every once in a while, and post your comments, as it's wonderful to hear from you all.
Of course, you can let me deliver m news directly to you, and sign up for the monthly mailing list....
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British Faery. 

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