The British Faery: Oct and Fillius, two funny little twins.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Oct and Fillius, two funny little twins.

I mentioned in my last update, that I was only going to tweak my existing pattern. Somehow, I didn't follow my own advice, choosing to instead, tweak the last attempt...
As I am sure you can imagine, it didn't really go any better, though the feet improved - we have little toes! - I changed the way I attached the ears, making the head into two peices, sandwiching the ear between. I think it could of worked, but I didn't put the seam forward enough, and so Fillius (His name) has a constantly shocked expression.

First of all, let me show you how Oct, (The first attempt) is turning out. His nose and face actually looks rather sweet, only perhaps small. I have to confess, that I am falling in love with him a little. He's just so ODD! 

He looks rather dramatic stood up, don't you think!? He is just over 18" tall.

 And here he has a little hair. Which I also left crazy looking, actually, I think I have neatened it a little, but it suits him rather well.

And this Is Fullius. He is larger, bigger eared, bigger bellied! I don't love him quite as much as I love Oct, but then, Fillius is  fully 'born' yet. He needs his arms stuffing, etc. 

 These are the little toes. though messy (please ignore my practice stitches!) I think they will work out nicely.

I have now drafted, cut and sewn the third Spryte. Oct and Fillius are twins, and I think their new friend will be a girl, she just has a different spirit too her, already.
Keep tuned!


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