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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Not as easy as I thought...

This weeks newest Pattern revision.

This week I had an attempt at reviewing the Sprytes pattern; I quite literally, threw the original pattern out. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how I viewed the Sprytes? Re-drafting their pattern from memory, from scratch?
Well. No one can deny it that it wasn't interesting. It certainly wasn't good, though, either. I decided to straighten out their legs, and lengthen them - their arms too. I shortened the neck ( to stop that awkward side flop some of them are plagued with). I also changed the way the ears are attached, and added a sole to their feet. A lot of changes. Too many, in fact.
The end effect looked somewhat like the offspring of an alien and a rabbit. I would post photos, but, I wouldn't want to embarrass or shame my poor creepy Spryte. There were a few things I did like, but only a few.
The whole experiment served to teach that actually, the Sprytes were better off the way they were, and, it has taught me what I can and can't change regarding them. They absolutely must have a bend to their knees, for example.
I am still going to play with the pattern, though now I will be content to tweak it, perfect it - not re-write it.
Hopefully I shall have some more news in the next week or so of the newest pattern developments.

See you soon,

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