The British Faery: A Home-made Yule

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Home-made Yule

This year was a very special Yule for me; It was the first yule I could call 'my own' Christmas was mine to create - but better than that, it was the first year in a home I could call 'our own'.
Our own little place that we love so much, filled with christmas cheer and evergreens and mistletoe, dried oranges, a christmas tree we chose together! And, we had his two children with us, which of course makes the holiday seem all that more exciting, living vicariously through them.

As you probably know, I love all things handmade, and was determined to make as much as I could. I dried oranges, searched out the best clay recipes, brought a living tree so we could watch it grow, year after year along with us.
I still haven't got into the habit of taking photos of everything well enough, or taking photos at all, so here are the little things I managed to capture.I hope you enjoy them.

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