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Friday, 1 January 2016

Building a Workshop!

In November, the building I'd chosen as my Studio arrived. After much deliberation, I went with the Severn Premium, from Dunster House. A friend of mine had the same, and it looked sturdy, well made, and with lots of potential. I opted for quite thick walls, and double glazed doors and windows (I get cold!!!)
It arrived on a HUGE lorry, which had to be delicately and skilfully reversed down the driveway into the courtyard space at the back of our garden. I stood the whole time uselessly trying to protect my Lupins - though I needn't of worried, the driver did a wonderful job!
As I made teas and coffees, the delivery men unpacked it all for me in the various places the pieces needed to go. (I offered to help unload, and the delivery man did a good job at keeping a straight face while he politely declined my help!!)
We couldn't start that day, as it didn't arrive till 3pm or so, and would of been dark by 4. So, early the next morning we began, and a friend of ours came to lend a pair of hands.
It was incredible how quickly the walls went up, after carefully laying out the foundations. As you can see, the logs all clicked into one another, and within 2 hours, the walls were done!

Surveying the work! 

Thus ended day one. Whilst the walls went up quickly, the roof and doors/windows took much, much longer, as we decided to screw everything rather than nail it all, so, if we ever decided to take it down/move it - we could do so without ruining it. Each roof board had to be screwed in THREE times, which was time consuming, and mind-numbing!!

The King Of My Castle.

So on the second day, we fitted the roof shingles, ( I say we - I mean Dear S, did - I just took photos and supplied coffee and kisses) and it made such a difference to the feeling of finished-ness. Now we had a Studio - a real space!! If you're here in the UK, you'll remember all the rain we had over November and early December. This meant a huge delay in getting allot done - painting it, for example. We very quickly managed to get a waterproof coating on, and will dress it in its green once the rain stops. Hopefully it WILL stop!!)
It also meant we had to take the doors of and re-hang them, which was no big deal, but took almost a day, everything was so wet and awkward.

Well, that is it so far - Christmas came and occupied my days, and we have gone away over new year.
However, the floor is all there, waiting to be laid (I think I will actually be doing that!) And the paint is all waiting, too. I have all the furniture and storage to go in, except a worktop. I am hoping to build one out of pallet wood (wish me luck!).
Most excitingly, though - I will be picking up my great-grandmothers Singer Sewing machine, which will be my Spryte-machine. My Great-Grandmother (Whom was affectionately called White Haired Nanny) was an exceptionally gifted seamstress and I am so proud to be using her machine. I hope to one day live up to it!

I will keep you updated of the progress of my workshop, don't forget you can follow me on Instagram for little photos of what I'm up to everyday.

So - there it is! What does your sewing space look like? What do you love about it most?

Till next time,
All You Need Is Love,
The British Faery


  1. I love your new studio! Its soooo cute! I would show you my studio but its currently in a state and no one wants to see that right now LOL

    1. Thankyou :) I'm so looking forward to actually being able to get into it!
      Ah well, I'm sure it's busy, creative mess ;)


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