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Friday, 26 February 2016

Custom Corner Desk

For my workshop, I needed a kind of corner desk, a large space to spread out paper so that I could draw and sketch with ease. (I like to draw big; my sketchbook is a ridiculous size!)

I brought two peices of 12mm MDF, but only ended up using one, for this project. I spent allot of time with little peices of card, cutting out shapes and sizes to see what looked best, what would work, which cuts got the most out of the MDF. I settled with this. I cut a corner off the rectangular shaped MDF, leaving me with a piece that I then cut in half lenghtways. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, I could draw a diagram if anyone is curious!
I layed the MDF out on the floor to do a last check it would fit in the space, and that I liked the layout.

 I drilled 2X4 along the wall, and added a cross bar to keep the middle triangle supported.

 Phew! It's all level ;)
There were a few gaps where the MDF joined, so I went over everything with polyfill. Love that stuff. I used a knife to make sure it was all level.

The table legs are metal curtain poles from B&Q cut to size with a hacksaw - I wasn't going to pay £30 for breakfast bar poles!!!
I will be adding a 3rd leg at the join on the left - my crazy laminate floor isn't quite level, and so the leg we cut is a little short :(

Here it is finished, pots of pens on hand, kettle to the left, lots of room to write. 

I'm really pleased with it, and the sunlight flooding in the windows makes it a perfect place to sketch! 

All you need is love, 
The British Faery.

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