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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Adventures in Spryte Making

It turns out I am way behind schedule, but I guess that's not really so much of a surprise, I always am!! Hopefully I can still manage to release the new dolls by the end of April.
I just thought I'd write a little blog and let you know where I am with them, and the adventures I have had along the way (there's been quite a few!) Plus, I have some really, really exciting news about the new Ruckie Range.
First of all though, let me tell you about the Sprytes. When I came back to sewing them, I knew I wanted more from them. And more from me. So before anything, I went in search of the best supplies. I wanted organic, natural, tactile. Something that looked AND felt good in your hands.
I found what I was looking for with a company called Organic Textile Company - They are based in wales and work closely with a family in India to make their cotton. You can read their story, and Genesh's, on the website. The fabric I use is super soft to the touch, and looks stunning. I am stuffing them with sheep's wool, which not only gives them a softer feel, but a wonderful wooly smell!

As you probably know, when it came to the pattern, I spent a long time re-designing their feet, so they'd have a sole and toes, and so make them stand well. They now have dimples on their knees and elbows, tiny fingers, and these three have magnets in their hands. This trio are a special one-of-a-kind set for my 'welcome back' collection - this sized Spryte will only be seen in the Ruckie Range in the future, and not as an 'Art Doll'.

Little toes, fingers, and knee dimples!
The next few stages went well, the new joints (nut and bolts, and cotters pins) went in smoothly, I'm happy that there is no plastic in the dolls at all! I ordered new eyes, too - German hand-blown glass. They really are beautiful.
My next challenge was creating beautiful hair - I didn't want rag doll type hair, but I did want it sturdy enough for light play. After scouring the internet, I found a few tutorials in creating wigs through a website called (which sells beautiful waldorf dolls) and the link to buy this special type of mohair.
It is a much lengthier process than I imagined, and requires a whole new skill set. I'm feeling fairly positive, and was happily surprised with my first set!

Making wig caps to include those ears!

Patiently hooking mohair

After brushing out, on the line to dry!

Ah, the final outcome!
It is worth it, don't you think!? I'm really, really happy - and am excited to improve too. Today I am going to either give hair to the larger Sprytes (Which I think I will try out another technique on) Or, tidy up the workshop, as in the frenzy of activity it looks a little like a whirlwind whipped through! It will give me a clean slate to design clothes in.

And now for the exciting bit... As you may know, I am planning on doing a Ruckie Range, these will be more durable, more interactive Sprytes. They will look like these guys, but, come with removable clothing, little stories, and.... I am working on creating them so that their legs will sit flush with the body - giving them a more natural silhouette, and a much, much easier body to dress! The range of things they will be able to wear will expand, making it more fun for me to sew and create, and more fun for you to play. I cannot wait to bring them to life !

So, until next time,
Love and Spryte kisses,
The British Faery x 

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