The British Faery: Alice's Lost Leaf. - An adventure in Faringdon Woods!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Alice's Lost Leaf. - An adventure in Faringdon Woods!

The Sprytes came with us for a trip to the woods today, they promised me they would behave, and we had a lovely time with Alice's Lost Leaf....

The three of them (Alice, Ida and Edward) all ran off as soon as we arrived, and I left them too it for a while. When I went looking for them again, I stumbled across Alice, cradling a leaf in her arms. 

She was looking so sadly at it, I wondered what could of happened!
"Hey there Alice, what have you found?" I asked softly. 

"Oh! I found a lost leaf! It was all alone. Where do you think it came from? Which tree? Do you think it is lonely without his other leaf friends?"

"Uhm, I'm not sure I can answer that, Alice." I reply. "Oh! Here is Ida. Maybe She'll know....?"

"Perhaps we should try re-attach it." Ida muses out loud.
"That's a good idea. Poor leaf."
"We just need to find which tree it came from, though" Ida informs us.

"I'll take it Alice," Ida offers, taking the leaf off her. "I can climb really well you know! And I am the smartest. The trees will answer me."

Hmmm. I don't think Alice was too happy about that! 

"I'll take that back thankyou!!" I am much smarter than you, actually." Alice quips. "Oh! Hello Edward!" The two girls chirrup happily, disagreement forgotten at the arrival of their brother. 

"Ooooh. What are we doing with that leaf?" Edward asks, curious.
"Nothing! We are going to take it home! It's own home."
"It's lonely, you see." Alice tells Edward, as way of explanation.

"Where are you going Edward? Aren't you going to help Alice and Ida get their leaf home?"

"Nope. I'm doing my own thing right now! Maybe later I'll help.." He says, avoiding my eye, and being terribly mysterious. I wonder what that boy is up too!
"Ok, Edward, don't go too far, though!"

When I catch up with Ida, She's clinging onto a stump, looking a little frightened!
"Oh Ida! Are you ok!?"
"I don't think I am as good at climbing as I thought! I think I'd like to get down now please!!"
"Were you trying to find the leaf's home?"

"Phew. That's better! Yes. I thought this may be it. But, it doesn't have any leaves, does it?  I think I'll just sit here for a moment. Oh! I see the Leaf's tree!! Alice! Edward! Quick!"

Alice and Edward have beat you to it, Ida. It's quite a high tree, though. Can you make it?

"Oh Ida!" Alice cries, "Be careful!"

"Alice, do you have Leaf...?"
"No, do you have him Edward?"

Well, don't worry you three. It looks like he's found his home beneath you! Perhaps we should get down now, and have a cup of tea at home.

We had a lovely Sunday at Faringdon Folly Woods, we hope you all enjoyed your Sunday, too!
Alice, Ida and Edwars will all be available for adoption at Moby and Puddle, in the House That Jack Built. Click here to visit!
More Ruckies will be up for adoption over the next few months, or you can email me here to enquire about a custom order.

Lots of love! 


  1. Brilliant - lovely story about some wonderfully kind Sprytes. They're beautiful - gorgeous autumnal colours & detailed faces who you just want to love ❤ Adore your Sprytes so much xx 💜

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I am looking forward to writing more!


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