The British Faery: How To Annoy Your DIY-Phobic Boyfriend.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How To Annoy Your DIY-Phobic Boyfriend.

Whilst my boyfriend loves all my crafty endeavours, and supports me in all I do, my crazy whims and ideas, he doesn't actually like being a part of them. Or being anywhere near them. Or hearing them, seeing them.... you get the idea.

So when I find AWESOME stuff on the internet, he's all for it until he realises HE has to pick it up. (Yes, I prowl Freecycle, Freegle AND gumtree, knowing full well I can't *actually* pick anything up. Don't judge.)

Like when I found an Ikea PAX wardrobe on gumtree for £100, and I know it costs £700, and I *think* it will be a fit.... He drives me there, and we both know that its REALLY BIG and we live in a tiny cottage.

To cut a long story short, the wardrobe would of fit, if, they had given me the accurate measurements. They (being the people who sold it too us) didn't account for the beautiful sliding doors being 5-10cm bigger than the wardobe, thus, not fitting, and our house having sloping floors, ceilings, and walls, meaning the room is a different height depending on where you stand.

So, I had to chop off some of the wardrobe, meaning it suddenly hated life and wanted to collapse and die, and attach fabric 'doors' - that we were always to lazy to close and had to fall asleep with this depressed monolithic monstrosity staring at us.


I then TOTALLY scored on my Freegle hunts, finding a vintage G-Plan dresser, FOR FREE. Which meant my boyfriend accidentally mentioning a 60's/70's themed bedroom. For anyone who knows me, or knows anything about anyone a little obsessed with interior design, those are dangerous words to be putting out there.

Searching commenced. I wanted a G-Plan Wardrobe. And I found one. E-Bay, £20. Bargain. Except... It's about 2 hours away. And, I'm not sure if it will come apart. Or fit in the car?

Of course we went off though, and it was all going well until I realised I had forgotten my phone. Luckily, I am old fashioned, and had wrote down his phone number and address in my note book, and we could call him from my Boyfriends phone. (It was his mothers, and so we needed to call him so he could come meet us at the house.)

Then it all went wrong.
We tried to call half an hour before arriving, as asked, and......the number was wrong. Panicking, I log into Ebay on my boyfriends phone, and message away frantically. No response. My Boyfriend is still remarkably calm, seeing as we've been driving for two hours, and now it looks as though we may have to go home sans-wardrobe.
We wait. We wait some more.
FINALLY we get a call, and get to the house, and I can do my thing! I can take that baby apart!  We don't have any photos of taking down the wardrobe, and really, it's not all that interesting!

A good 5 hours later, and we're home.

Take that, PAX!

Just a helpful note - DO NOT take down a wobbly, heavy wardrobe whilst sat underneath. It hurts when shelves hit you in the face at falling speed.


The doors needed a bit of TLC (hence the bargain price) So I sanded them down really lightly, then re-buffed with beeswax. You can see the difference here - the top is varnished and the bottom isn't.
The same with below photo. I loved how the grain came straight back up with a good bit of love!

The wardobe went up really quickly, by 10am I was all done. However, getting all the stuff that was in those huge wardrobes to now fit into a tiny one from the 50's took me almost 2 DAYS.


We now have a gorgeous little 60's hideaway, with a bit of a botanical touch. (Those large flower illustrations were £1.00!)
The bedthrows are from my Grandparents. The knitted patchwork one was made by my Grandfathers Grandmother, and the crochet one is one my Grandmother brought whilst travelling in her 20's!

Below is the original culprit for starting our vintage bedroom.... My Boyfriend found this at a bootsale. It works, and we LOVE IT.

This space is where the PAX used to be. The room feels SO much bigger now, it's amazing. Bigger, and brighter, and happier. 

Thanks for reading! (Or looking at the pictures!)

The British Faery


  1. I totally get that, my boyfriend told me he would love for me to live together with me, just not with my stuff :P
    I love how you can make it work even when thinking different, and I really like the style of your room.

    1. Thankyou! Yes, I know my BF feels the same way! Though he is usually happy by the time I've finished, and he can see the end product. ;)


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